im determined to be free no matter the outcome. free as a white baby in a crowded mall. running away from mommy without a care at all. growing up i wanted to be a writer a good one at that but most of the time i gave up from being that because i realized that authors are poor because people read their works years later. but i decided to give myself the flowers i was dying to recieve. abandonment issues reign supreme. i wish it wasnt that way for me. i have so much creativity way down inside of me. the thoughts i possess i typically keep to myself.

as a young mother my eyes have seen so much. as a daughter i cried because abandonment made me aloof. being mentally abused is something hard to come back from. being maniuplated takes time to refocus. yet i realized all that i am is who i paint. a canvas aint a canvas unless its stained. letting go of the need to control. releasing the words that i kept inside that are now no longer told. the little girl who died on t