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Friendsgiving 2k16!

Hi guys! It's Coke :)

Welcome to my new blog. Every week I will post my crafts, favorite things, recipes etc. It's time to share my creations with family and friends! This past week my friends (aleah, tanesha, tash, candice, and amber) lolll and I had our first FRIENDSGIVING!!!!! And dawg it was so lit. We actually created a bomb flower wall that took about two days to make. I will post what took to make it and all the supplies we used. Blood sweat and HEELS went into this, mmkay! Lol.

Flower Board ingredients (LOL): Faux flowers (Dollar Tree) Glue Gun (Michael's) Hot Glue Sticks (Dollar Tree) 4 Readi Boards (Dollar Tree) Faux Diamonds (Dollar Tree) - TOTAL UNDER $50.00 !!!



Furthermore the party was a success, my friend Aleah made us all engraved gold glasses and there was plenty of grub to go around. Below are pictures from the party. Happy holidays babies! xxoo Coke.

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