Hello December!

Hello December!

Finally we are at the last month of the year and I am beyond blessed and humble at how far I've come this year. This year I actually just had another little girl. Eden Skye. I normally don't get personal. But my children have molded me into the woman I am today. Furthermore, when I became pregnant with Eden I was very depressed. I basically hid my entire pregnancy from everyone. I felt like I was a toxin to everyone because I felt like I had too many children and I couldn't be fun anymore. Which isn't the case at all. I was in a bad relationship for about three years. That finally came to an end as soon as she was born.

But today I feel so much lighter. I have so much hope and love and light for my girls and my future. My book will be published February of next year and I'll be 27 years young. All in all this post is for anyone who is depressed. Having a hard time. Or just don't know what their next move I life will be. Get help if you need it, tell a close friend, seek therapy. It works. Take my testimony to use as some fruit for your motivation. Anything can be done. Believe in yourself and your dream even when no one else does. Even if people look at you funny because they think you can't accomplish it. You can.

Let the positive flourish into your life and let the negative fall to the waste side.


These are just some words for December lets be encouraged we made it to another day year and month. Next year will be nothing but greatness for us! Claim it today.




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