Designer Spotlight x Lobe Dangle

Artist: Qwishuna Smith - Designer (Lobe Dangle)

How did you begin designing jewelry?

I was inspired to create jewelry long before I actually started. I saw creations well before I made them and one day after sharing what I had been sensing about wanting to actually create leather accessories and I was given my first batch of leather. My late aunt Ernestine who was an accomplished seamstress was discarding new scraps of leather and my grandmother spoke up and told her that I need them, the rest was history. What gives you inspiration to create?

I'm mainly inspired my God and his creativity, it's endless! I also draw inspiration from eras of vintage clothing and moments in time when I admired fashion and the innovation that followed. Is there a person who has inspired you to be the person you are today?

No not necessarily, I am inspired by many but not one in particular. I'm inspired when I see people being authentic to who they are and what they like and most important what they feel called to. Originals inspire me, they inspire me to continue on the road of authenticity in designing and in life in general. Overall what is your dream to accomplish on earth?

I think you're referring to purpose. So if I have to say what my dream is to accomplish it would be my purpose. To live a life that once I'm at my end I will feel like I'm dying empty and not robbing the earth of contributions. I believe that a few parts of my purpose is to be a voice for my generation, a creator of beauty that's expressed in many facets and to be willing to lead and guided along my path. How can people contact you (twitter IG fb handles email)

Not much into Twitter but FB & IG @ Lobe'


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