Culture Vultures x Social Media Overload

Hey guys! Its been a while. I've been on a bit of a social media cleanse, its kind of bothersome at times with Instagram/Snap chat etc. So I decided to vent about the ideologies of the internet and how society has controlled the mindsets of our generation.

Nowadays, you can scroll up and down your Instagram timeline and see everyone out at the same party, using the same hashtags and different filters. The media is so saturated and every person is at your disposal within one double tap. People seek validation in their relationships/private life by posting captions and pictures with their "bae" or "bestie". Being in love is shown and people prey on the demise of others unions.

In the black community especially I wish we would use the social media platform as a place to sell our merchandise and promote/uplift each other. Plenty of times do I see the hating and bashing of women of color and even children. Its a tough site to see and most times I need to recharge my human batteries to even deal with it.

All in all stay woke, good vibes off line! LOL

I promise to post more, and more positive things to uplift our youth.

XX Xo,


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