Monday Medicine x Poetry

Happy Monday!

I've encountered the greatest muse, they know who they are *giggles* LOL. Every Monday I'll now try to post my Monday Medicine. Just a proverbial poem for the minds. Have a good week everyone! Enjoy.


Sex to Sade

Where Ms Adu can take you I'm sure you'd be passenger side

Looking in my eyes

The lion in me rise, rises to the occasion

As we laying, as we lay in.

No special occasion

Sex to Sade

In a blissful catastrophe

Since I met you the stars stared at me

The stars aligned our energy

Tempurpedic like the mattress

I can find your love

I don't need drake or an atlas

Sex to Sade

Hip hop to the break

Our futures cannot be replaced

6 months apart

15th day

Fell in love in July

Our love child born in July

6th day


#poetry #love #monday

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