Medicine Monday x Poetry

Yeah I'm here again -- it's Monday. Opening day for the orioles, and i'm in my cubicle wishing I could get super drunk and be with my boyfriend and pretend to know how baseball works....but i'm here! Here's some proverbial lemonade to take with your medicine.


Coke xo


Arrogant and bold

Young and old

The girl in the alley

The girl heading your family

Finesse was his game

Claim to fame

Growing into his name

Solidifying his frame

Confidence with stature

Absolutely a master

Kidnapper, of my heart

Stroke could tear the world apart

Ring the alarm was for Bey

But once it becomes wicked there's no alarm to ring

She said many things

Trying to deteriorate "we"




Could never compared to me

I bared you only child

Your family

It's gone personal

It's not reversible

But once it's become wicked there's no alarm to ring

Sorry for her, I am the only one wearing this ring.

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