Medicine Monday x Poetry

Happy Monday!!!!!!!! It's my birthday week hoe! LOL, yeah I'm turnt. I start my new job Thursday, and my birthday is Saturday. So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday belong to me! LOOL. But I'm still here with y'all medicine ya hurd!? lmao.

The Lovers Dictionary

In the midst of it all, your mist makes me fall

I told myself I wasnt in love

But the father above, had different plans for us

The best things are unexpected

I wrote my heart on the canvas, and I'm glad you read it..


Unplug your heart from her and come back to me


I'm the one you cannot replace

I, J, K, L

This feeling you've never felt, let alone with someone else



Bring your soul to me, it needs energy

Let me recharge your batteries

Make you forget about your bad days

Turn the winter into a warm embrace


Take all of me, entirely

Put your mind, heart, and body inside of me

U, V, W, X, Y and Z

I know at first you weren't fond of me

Now this became monopoly

I received my second chance

I went past go and collected my hand

There's no turning back, we're always playing

Love land

The lovers dictionary

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