Medicine Monday x Poetry

It's Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I'm back and I'm dry so I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

All in all this weekend was fun, I went to a Hush party. I had a lot fun. A hush party is a party where everyone wears headphones and theres three dj's playing three types of music at once. You have three stations on the headphones and no one knows what you're listening to. Lets just say me and my friends had a good damn time! LOL.

Well heres the poem I wrote last week called: Balti Girl. (for all of my Baltimore girls)

Balti Girl chronicles


The chronic wouldn't stop the muscle

The struggle

From nothing to something

From stuntin' to frontin'



You couldn't touch her

We were taught to smile

Yet they don't speak

Mean muggin' in her Louis bag



Pretty bad thing.

Frequents DC, doesn't know how to act

Balti Girl Chronicles


Cut for the honest girls

For the problem girls

Outspoken girls

Slick mouth, gotta roll with girls

You know them girls

Short shorts in the summer

Box braids to their calfs

Stuck up --

Yet again, don't know how to act

Accent like an artifact in a museum

The star to my buck

Round the way girl with a half n half

Chicken box salt pepper ketchup..

Don't know how to act

Only a fool or an idiot would fall in love

Balti Girl

Don't you wish you was one of us?

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