Medicine Monday x Poetry

It's Monday, again. Here I am. I am slightly discouraged by my posts. I don't think people read them...but I will continue to be persistent. This weekend was fun, I feel like I fall more in love with my partner as the weeks go by that its slightly scary. I have started journaling since my therapist appointment. Yes I have struggles and battles with depression/anxiety. I feel like a lot of women do but sweep it under the rug, being a mother of three can take a toll on you mentally that you feel there is no sanity. Well here is my proverbial lemonade for this week that you can have your medicine, whether your remedy is coffee or tea, tree indulge.

This poem is called "Mannerisms" I wrote this while on the subway thinking of what the young kids say my "man crush Monday" aka as bae. there was a guy on the train with similar mannerisms and here we have this....


In his mannerisms

I find his rhythm

Finger tips



Connection has risen


Rise in him


Appealing to the masses

Charming, became a habit

Bad habit

Drug overdose

Love overload


To the prude

Excitements gather you


Tryna find the MAN in him


Body language

Chakra vibrations

Higher elevation


How Russell left the DMC

His soul

Releases inside of me

Like therapy


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