Medicine Monday x Poetry

Medicine Monday x Poetry - Hymen

Frankie Lymon broke hymens as the hymns he sung made them cum

River flows but never runs

Overcame but never come

More and then some

Cup runneth over

But Jesus hadn't wrote it

Promoted for the conscious minds.


Horizontal lies

Verbalized for the homicides

Genocide for the master of the minds

Pop up then recline


For the masses freestyle overcasts

Weather can't predict what the future has

It's more than math

Better yet mathematics

A paradigm built for the miserable

Now everyone's woke and critical

When it's all mental.

Food for thoughtless thoughts

Journeys on kemetic sunrises after dark

This isn't the history we were taught.

Willie was lynched after his letter was written

All the light skin girls actually think their privileged

This isn't for the timid

This is for the ones who embrace the elephant in the room

The girls who don't let the bundles consume their thoughts

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