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Sporadically I assume I will post "Talk Tuesday" where something that has been bothering me as of recently has occurred or just an occurring trend in todays society. Todays talk Tuesday (for the ones that actually read my posts lol) is about social media and relationships. This topic is very touchy, but I feel like our generation has been subdued to believe in validation via social media.

Every other day someone gets engaged, *snap* *Instagram* *facebook* *twitter*, within minutes everything is posted and sometimes for some individuals its a sense of pressure. A pressure to be in a relationship, or even be married or even think that they aren't where they are supposed to be based on what they see what one of their friends are doing via social media.

The other intricacies include: women crush Wednesday, man crush Monday, and other fallacies that a lot of people actually believe in. Some women and some men actually think that these saturated posts actually mean and equate to the validity of a relationship. Social media has actually conditioned the modern millennial to have the mindset that "if they don't post you, you don't mean anything" when in all actuality people don't post because they are trying to SAVE their relationship. There are individuals who actually prey on the downfall of others in relationships. Especially ex's, I feel like if you are an ex you are one for a reason. There's no reason why you should be keeping tabs on your ex, no reason why you are interested in their new partner or sabotaging their relationship.

All in all I say this to say, keep your relationship for yourself, and share what you want. If you are stuck on that ex block them, don't visit their page and try to move past that hurt. Social media is making y'all miserable out here, stay woke!

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