Wisdom Wednesday

Hey guys! It's been a while. I'm back just to share a very special Wisdom Wednesday. This year one of my goals were to be more open. God spoke to me and said that the more open I become the more fluid my life would be. The reflection of myself isn't always so pretty, but writing is my path to fruition. Currently, I am in therapy for my mental health issues which include adjustment disorder and anxiety. Furthermore it took me some time to realize that I needed the help and now I am receiving it. I feel lighter everyday knowing that I am on the road to recovery and getting the help that I need to be a better person. Today, I came across a wonderful sermon by: DeVon Franklin. Every time I see any kind of clips online with him and excerpts of sermons I get excited. He has the ability to incorporate the bible and everyday lifestyle influences which does appeal to younger audiences. It's rather refreshing, I must say.

Here below is the video that I think most of you guys would like, or at least gain something from.

Key points that stuck out to me that were powerful and valuable:

- "Forget the former things, don't dwell on the past"

- "There are some people who aren't qualified to be in your future"

- "Stop letting feelings steal your future"

- "Don't fit in your culture so well that you do it without thinking"

- "Stop reliving your past to the degree its interrupting your future"

- "Everybody that parties with you, doesn't celebrate you."

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