Medicine Monday x Self Care

Self care? How many of us have it? Self care? Before we go any further lets have some self care! LOL.

Happy Monday y'all trying to gear my posts towards more positivity and self love because I am going through getting myself help so I figure why not inspire someone else. Millennials always talk about self care but are we really doing these things?! I've noticed a lot of women, young women at that who have children, like myself lack the self care package. I'm not trying to be preachy or anything this is helping me, so hopefully this can help someone else in return! In my therapy session I was told to write down to personal goals and I'm not ashamed to share them right here.

Goal One: Manage my mood / Specific goal is to: learn acceptance

Goal Two: Practice better self care / Specific goal is to: take better care of myself

So what we gonna do to help ourselves practice better self care? Lol. Here are some tips that I use/found.

1. Do what you love? Is there something you enjoy? Bring out your creative side, put some glitta ' on something!

2. Reevaluate where you are in life. Shape your own career path, you don't have to have a degree to be successful, most people with degrees work the same jobs as people without them! No shade.

3. Set priorities and boundaries. Without apology, remove anyone who's toxic to you and your life! Let them people go sis.

4. Find new people to be around who enjoy the same interests as you and hold you accountable.

5. Buy yourself something, treat yourself to something you've been eyeing, get a new candle, some sheets, sheeeeet go get you a massage, groupon got deals, just saying lol.

6. Stop comparing yourself to social media, these people aren't real and you don't need any validation online or offline, stay true to yourself.

7. Eat better, it truly does make a difference in your mood and behavior when you eat differently, I've started my lifestyle change and I feel the difference.

Hope this helps someone, because it sure is going to help me!

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