Therapy Thursdays x The Art of Letting Go

Hey guys! It's been a week or two, here I am again, I hope everything is going well with everyone and their journey of life. It's Thursday and we have exactly one more day left until the weekend, finally! Anyways, let me elaborate on what I'm writing about today. The topic is "the art of letting go", which is a touchy subject. But I have learned that most of my past experiences seem to follow me into new experiences and I am trying to come up with a plan to stop that!

Time to let that hurt go. Let it go *elsa voice*

Furthermore, after realizing in many relationships I have, whether romantic or friendship I have the tendency to question people and their motives due to the fact that I have been hurt before and I don't think people deserve to have the hurt that I harbor from things that have happened to me to be transferred onto them. Its downright not healthy, whatsoever. So I've come up with this list of 5 steps to letting go, hopefully this helps someone else on the way.

1. Make the decision to let it go, and stick with it.

Holding onto the past is choice. Let it go and stick with that feeling. Sometimes things that have happened to us in the past happen in the present which trigger us to think its the same situation and its not.

2. Stop being the victim, stop blaming others.

Everyone is not out to hurt you, I'm learning to cut the sensitivity out at times, pick and choose battles, some things are blatantly unnecessary. What happened to you, happened to you, don't bring someone down with your own shit. (excuse my language lol)

3. Forgive whoever hurt you, and forgive yourself.

Often times we walk around with this hurt on our face and even in our body language. Whoever hurt you shouldn't have power over you, forgive them, and then forgive yourself. You deserve to be free.

4. Letting go doesn't mean ignoring it, focus on understanding it.

Express your hurt. Everything happens for a reason, understand what happened to you and how its molded you into the person you are now. Accept the bad, and good parts. Also accept responsibility for any role you played

5. Focus on the present, enjoy yourself.

When you focus on here and now you have less time to think about the past, you cant change what HAPPENED but you can change NOW.

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