Wisdom Wednesday

Top of the morning! I haven't posted a Wisdom Wednesday in a while, but here I am to spread some positivity today for whomever is seeking this. My spirit is resonating in the feeling of finding your purpose to be whole. A lot of us are walking around looking pitiful and sad simply because we aren't fulfilling our purpose God has given to us that we sometimes blatantly ignore. I know its hard simply because the things we do feel as though we could do to make us feel whole we cant because of money, time or even lack of self esteem. I have went through every single one of those things until one day I said fuck it I'm doing this because it makes me happy and I don't care. LOL, sorry for being brash but most times we block our own selves from being great. Sometimes you have to stand up to yourself, yes I said stand up to yourself because you deserve to be happy. So I figured I would give some encouragement or advice to someone who feels lost and feels like they cant pursue their true calling that they ignore.

Here's a short list of ways to find your purpose:

1. Pay attention to what captivates you.

Something draws in your attention, something more than other things. What topics excite you? What are some things that make you feel like a little kid in the candy store?

2. Look back on things you used to do.

We often give up certain interests and hobbies in the past, with that being said there's a specific reason for that and connect the dots. Simply revisit those things and try to incorporate a new twist on those hobbies or hopefully they spark something new.

3. Change your attitude and who you associate with.

Stop being around people who are always negative and quick to put themselves and you down. Its frustrating speaking to people who cant encourage you, its like attending a school you don't belong to, just don't do it! Change your attitude, if you're upset all the time and complaining that's what you will receive and it doesn't help finding your purpose.

4. Write it down!

We are so caught up on the new age to put everything in our phones, on twitter, on facebook, on Instagram, and on snap. But in reality the internet isn't real, writing things down helps you envision things for you, its personal and no one can leave a like or leave a comment on a journal entry!

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