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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys! I'm back, LOL. I've taken a brief hiatus for myself, but I'm here to share loads because as we all know or well most that are into the spiritual world its mercury retrograde and its in my "favorite" sign, Virgo. *screams* LOL, just to give a synopsis on the retrograde it simply is a time where time moves backwards. Unresolved issues, self work, details we never payed attention to resurface, delays etc. I'll post at the end a link to get more information if you are interested in that kind of thing.

But I have been using this time to purge, indefinitely. I have been throwing away old things, trashing anything I don't need, to make space for my inner to flourish. My self esteem hasn't always been the best especially after a recent break up that has occurred. Yet I don't blame the lover, I blame me for not doing my inner work, to improve my self worth. It takes a lot of time, patience and consistency to love yourself enough to be better for yourself.

We often times take for granted the things we have been blessed with and look at all of the negatives that make us who we are. I just want anyone that is reading this to know that I know how it feels to feel like your six feet under with dirt piled on top and you feel like you cant get out. Sometimes we feel like we cant get out of our own funk, sometimes we let social media dictate our true desires but the true desire is within. There were often times I would post on here not only to encourage the reader but for myself. But as time progressed I wasn't really using the tools I was giving out. Its hard to do the work, its hard to stand up for what you truly believe in when you don't believe in yourself and others don't believe in you. So to put some steps for guidance to find your self worth I'm going to list a few that have actually helped me become more centered and love myself enough to the point where I stopped living in uncertainty.

1. Stop looking for love in other people

I have made this mistake myself, I've been a relationship girl for years, it gets old transferring feelings from one lover to the next. Take that time out for you sis!

2. Let go of people who don't truly value you

Anyone who makes you feel a kind of way or doesnt truly have your best interested let them go, love from a distance, it doesnt hurt.

3. Don't compare yourself to others

Lay off the social media, stop comparing yourselves to reality stars and people your age who seem to have it all together online, they dont, we are all human and others blessings dont short change yours!

4. Do the self work

Stop complaining, you want to change? Do something about it, nobody cares about your instagram quotes you post for validation. Those likes dont really make you like yourself more, get real.

5. Meditate

Insight timer app has all the meditations in the world geared for whatever your problem is, and its free!

6. Turn off that damn phone

Yes I said it, turn it off sis, yes you turn it off lol.

7. Clean/Trash things that arent needed

8. Set boundaries

Know whats good for you and for your space, be selfish with you and if others dont like it they arent truly for you, people who are for you can and will respect you and your space.

Until next time! Love you all. As above, so below.

Nikki Nicole


Information on mercury retrograde link:

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