Talk Tuesday x September

Septemberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! *plays earth wind and fire* y'all know I'm an oldie but goodie. Lol we have three more months to go! Hey guys! This year has been good to me I must say no matter how many down times I have had this year, the ups have been nothing short of amazing. So it's talk Tuesday and I'm here to talk! LOL. I'm happy the retrograde is leaving tomorrow! It has been a trying time but through god, prayer and good people it has surpassed. But on another note I want to speak on the past and how it effects our future....yeah its about to get preachy but I felt the need to share because I sure had an okay yeah God wants me to learn something real quick and share it with y'all!

So I've been researching things and ran across codependency. I see a therapist and this was her homework for me and once I started reading I was in AWE, okay! Well here are some codependency symptoms: low self esteem, people pleasing, poor boundaries, care taking, dysfunctional communication, obsession, denial etc. The list is rather long and blunt. LOL. But I've realized that my past has a lot to do with this. How I was raised definitely plays a big part, I came from a dysfunctional family so these symptoms are spot on.

Once you start working on yourself and you start to see the patterns and trends in friendships, and relationships it starts to become clear how things happen and why they happen. I've been in situations depending on approval from others, looking for someone to make me feel complete when it should be me first, not having boundaries, and simply not giving a damn about my self care. That has all changed now and I'm so happy that I am in this space.

So I'm here to say this for anyone who's reading this going through something similar, upset and don't really know the reasoning as to why, take that step out and do the work, but most importantly start from the beginning. Most say "don't dwell on the past" and no you shouldn't but get to know your past, take note of what has happened to you and move forward. We aren't our past, but we certainly wouldn't be our future if it wasn't for the past and or mistakes that we have all made. We are all human. Simply. People ask me continuously, "how are you so forgiving, how can you move on?" the answer to that is we could be gone tomorrow and being on a bad note with myself or someone else certainly isn't worth it.

Happy birthday to all my Virgos and Libras!!! (y'all a nuisance but I still love y'all LOL)

Have a happy September y'all! Love you hear?!



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