Medicine Monday x Mistakes and Boundaries

Hey Guys! I'm baccccccckkkkkk. How's September been treating you?! My month started off great, and is ending with the wrath of answers from the retrograde. But all in all its been a prosperous, and growing time, ya feel me?! LOL. In other news I am here because I saw something on facebook that stuck out like a sore thumb chile! Yessss. LOL.

I was scrolling on facebook and my cousins wife posted this:

With that being said, the old saying goes we show people how to treat us is so true and prevalent in my life. I have noticed that I sometimes cant make the best judgement on people, which we all have been here before. It gets frustrating dealing with individuals who make repeated mistakes and always cry out for help or play the victim role. So with that being said the proper boundaries must be put into place when people devalue you, disrespect you, or make the same mistakes with you and leave you hurt time and time again. I've noticed that our generation loves to cut people off, they think that's the new wave. A overcompensated feeling to boost their low self esteem, cutting someone off doesn't make you feel better, you may just feel worse sometimes. Yet sometimes cutting off could honestly be the best thing so you don't have to deal with unwanted negative energy and stress. Some people aren't good for your frequency or where you're trying to go. On the other hand I've also noticed that a lot of our generation will tolerate behavior that they don't agree with from partners and stick it out but will have a disagreement with a friend and throw a friendship away in a minute. I believe that all relationships whether its friendship or intimate relationship should be treated evenly. You break up with a significant other for example you're going to need your homegirl or homeboy to get your through it. WE all have to stop being so divided and use each other for something positive and greater general purpose of life.

You know that life thing? Yeah it's short. Everything isn't the end all be all, some things can be talked out, but boundaries must be set.

Here's some boundary setting steps:

Step 1: Recognize and acknowledge your own feelings

Step 2: Recognize how your boundaries have been crossed

Step 3: Recognize how you need to set your boundary

Step 4: Get grounded.

Step 5: Voice it!

Step 6: Take care of yourself.

Heres the article link I got the steps from, which I actually tried myself:

Start setting them boundaries y'all!! Love you hear?!

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Love you hear?!


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