Medicine Mondays x The Process

Happy October!

We have literally 90 days left in this year?! Surreal right? Yeah lol. I'm ready to shake off and get this year over with, you feel me?!

I wanted to talk about today the process, people who have callings, dreams, and goals we all go through a process. Life is literally about trusting that process and sometimes excuse my language but the shit gets hard. It's hard to brand, promote and uplift yourself all at once. We have personal lives that make us want to give up and not try again. People who come in and out of our lives, situations we think we will never overcome but its all the process.

I heard a sermon yesterday that referred to everyone in life having a basement. A basement inside of them, where things have gone wrong, unresolved issues we never dealt with, childhood experiences, hurt and resentment. A lot of the time myself I allow those things to stop me from living in my true purpose but I decided yesterday that, that stops. Its time to take the trash out y'all, lol that goes for anything that no longer serves you, or does you any good. We have a war going on in the news and one inside of ourselves. I figure that we fight the one that we can control first, the inside. But most importantly the biggest thing I took away from anything is:

"If you didn't have what hurt me, I wouldn't be myself."

So use whatever that has happened to you, to your advantage!

I hope you guys have a great month, and accomplish some more awesome shit by the end of this year. You deserve it! Love you hear?!

Oh & don't forget to buy a ticket to my show this month!!! October 24th @ 7pm. I better see y'all there!!

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