Medicine Monday x "I'm not wishy washy, I'm just working on myself."

Happy Monday y'all!

How was ya holiday? Did you pack about six plates from granny house? I got a whole sweet potato pie in my fridge that's just how we did it this year. LOL.

Today is a good day simply because I am claiming it for myself. Often times our experiences are what we make them out to be. You are your experience, and experiences. But I'm here for Medicine Monday, and I hope y'all read this and just don't skim cuz a playa like myself trying to help somebody *rolls eyes*. LOL. But honestly I just had this on my heart and felt the need to share. Furthermore, these past few months have been stifling emotionally because I've been growing and its kind of uncomfortable but necessary. I feel as though we as individuals label ourselves without knowing the actual true meaning of why we are here on this earth and what we need to do to be whole with ourselves.

Lets just get to the meat and the potatoes because I know y'all like get to the point Nicole! Bottom line can we as a generation be MORE respectful of eachothers process? WE as people don't give people enough compassion, and we damn sure don't give it to ourselves. If someone doesn't do what we would like them to or respond to us the way we want them to automatically they become: phony, fake, wishy washy, unloyal etc. We are all a bubble of fuckedupness (not a word lol) but we have to figure out what or who we want to deal with in the grand scheme. I just want to say I'm working on myself, if I come off off "wishy washy" to someone else that's not my problem. For once in my life I'm showing myself some damn compassion. I'm reclaiming my time, I'm giving myself grace and accordance to control my life. My process belongs to me, and whatever I feel like I have to do to be successful emotionally, physically, and internally is on me and my time. Majority of the time people arent acting funny, they are really taking time out for themselves to be a better self and that requires them to be selfish. There's this unneeded pressure that isn't fair to your being when you are growing, and possibly outgrowing others. This is no diss, I love everyone even the folk that I don't rock with anymore because I want everyone to win and I'm not a selfish being.

I just say this to say, you can't please everyone, you can't do everything. But at the end of the day when you take off your mask from the world and lay down all you have is you and your mind. Those feelings, thoughts, and ideas belong to you. You aren't wrong for skipping out on that party, you aren't wrong for not responding to that negative text, you aren't wrong for saying no to someone, and you aren't wrong for making your own choice.

Choose yourself for once.

Side note I started this cool ass exercise in therapy called the Johari window. Try it and tell me if it worked for you. (

Love you hear?!


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