2017 x Transformation

Happy Friday, hope yours is full and free. It's only right to do a end of the year recap simply because we don't have many more days left in this year. I hope you y'all enjoyed the year and accomplished everything you wanted to this year. If anyone isn't proud of you and what you have accomplished, just know that I am! I choose the topic to close out this year to be transformation, according to dictionary.com it means: "a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance, a metamorphosis during the life cycle of an animal. I for sure feel like I went through a metamorphosis. Everything that has transpired this year was a change, some I wasn't quite ready for, some I was happy that I embraced. I am happy to go into the new year and I'm so blessed for how far I've come and where I am going.

I won't sit up here and lie and say that this year wasn't rough because it was, but I learned so much that I can't do anything but use what I learned and apply it to next year. I've lost friends, gained friends, let go of a relationship, had my feelings hurt etc. Yet I'm so proud of myself and everything that I have done this year, every short term goal I set for myself I accomplished. I am a twenty seven year old single mother, author, wardrobe stylist and man it feels good to relish in what I have created for myself. I published my first book this year, started my instagram for my writing which is actually budding, and did a styling segment which I haven't done in years.

It's only up from here, I'm so excited to share what I have brewing for next year!

So I'm going to post some photos that mean a lot to me from this year, its only right!

Happy holidays and new year to everyone be safe!

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