Brown skin, Dark skin, Light skin still the topic of conversation?

As a child I grew up in a predominately black school. I was teased for being dark skinned, with "black gums". Racial and social biases are normal in the black community. Safe to say our black community hates each other. Yes us as black people hate each other, its something I can't gloss over anymore. I have seen it FIRST hand. Whether it be direct, indirect or subconscious. We hate each other and we hate our skin. Sadly enough people would die to have our features, they would die to have our melanin, our skin, our hair.

History time and time again has repeated itself in showing us how much us as black people hate our skin and our people. It started in the beginning of time when we as people were stripped of our homelands and became socialized. Socialized and classified based on skin tone and showed how that actually equated to status. The Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave is more prevalent today STILL as it was when it was spoken in a speech in Virginia in 1712. Here is an excerpt from the letter: "Don’t forget, you must pitch the OLD black male vs. the YOUNG black male, and the YOUNG black male against the OLD black male. You must use the DARK skin slaves vs. the LIGHT skin slaves, and the LIGHT skin slaves vs. the DARK skin slaves. You must use the FEMALE vs. the MALE, and the MALE vs. the FEMALE. You must also have white servants and overseers [who] distrust all Blacks. But it is NECESSARY THAT YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US. THEY MUST LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US."

From the beginning we were conditioned to believe this and in my personal experiences I have witnessed the hate and disdain for our skin and for one another. I have myself been teased, called "too pretty for a dark skinned girl" "that's why you can't trust a dark skin girl" and the list goes on and on. I have heard old friends constantly talk about their skin tone, how they don't want to "get too black in the summer", "they hate their hair", "don't want a dark skin child" etc. It goes further to celebrities being happy they have mixed children and boasting about having mixed/multicultural babies.

It's actually disturbing, how can we expect our children to love each other? How can we expect us to love one another because skin tone equates to status. Bey created a new little challenge about brown skin girls and now they're attacking her just like they attacked her daughters physical features: her hair, her nose. The disgust and non love that we don't have for each other breaks my heart.

I hope one day we can all break the generational curse that was created to break and destroy us.

If you want to read the Willie Lynch letter in full here it is below:

Love and light.


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