let's produce fruit.

Manifestation is a real thing. I used to think that manifesting into my life was something that wasn't real. I'm not sure who's reading this or who this message is for, but I decided to share how manifestation is real. God is real. The innate ability to attract what you want is a very real thing. My life has done a huge 360, God has shown out this year. I've been pulled out of dark spaces, I prayed for things I have now. I prayed for my mindset right now, I prayed for people to be removed that weren’t serving me. I am whole today and I want to tell someone who's in despair that shit can change for you.

You are not alone, you are not lonely, your ancestors love you. God loves you, keep going, don't give up on your season. You can change your outcome, you have the power to make something out of absolutely nothing. I am living testimony. I refused to give up, became powerful once I realized to stand in my power and fulfill own myself.

So here are some tips because these tips have helped me. Keep a damn journal y'all, write down everything, every feeling, thought, dream, what you want, what you want to remove. I am thinking of creating a new journal for next year for our manifestations. But I do have a journal now: www.nicolealston.com/books "I'm Just Like You Journal" for healing purposes.

We are in control, we are and will be accomplished.

We got royalty in our DNA, make your ancestors proud.

Let's produce fruit.




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