Anahata/Heart Chakra

Happy February lovers. Since this month is all about valentines (yeah yeah blah blah red shit lol), I figured I would share what I am working on this month in the matters of my own heart. I started working on myself and the parts of myself that I knew needed to heal. The wave right now is healing, and I find it very beautiful, if the real work is being done. But the biggest thing I feel like we all must have is COMPASSION. Compassion for ourselves, for others, for situations we don’t understand and just overall. Often in conversation with others I can just hear how people don’t have any compassion and or empathy for one another. This is something I am also working on, so who am I to judge? When you become an adult, you realize it’s a lot of shit that doesn’t resonate with who you are, and you must unlearn a lot. But let’s get to the root of it all, its time to work on matters of the heart. Your heart chakra.

“Your heart chakra is located at the center of your chest; the heart chakra is the fourth in your seven chakras. The heart chakra is basically associated with affection, compassion, and love.” Furthermore, as I began to have chemistry with someone new, I noticed I had some work to do, and I decided to work on it prior to meeting but even more so now because I hate a repeat of my last situation! Often, we sail in an out of these relationships without clear understanding of the roles we play its always “they hurt me!” but sometimes we hurt we so let’s fix that shit.

Chakra Blockages Include:

Things like stress and emotional pain — usually caused by bad memories, old programming, emotions, and/or overthinking — can block your heart chakra and make it difficult for you to form and hold onto healthy relationships, she says.

How to Unblock Heart Chakra through affirmations:

· “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

· “I am wanted and loved.”

· “My heart is open to love.”

· “I forgive myself.”

· “I live in a state of grace and gratefulness.”

How to Unblock Heart Chakra through writing:

Write a loving letter to yourself asking for forgiveness, and either burn it or keep it someplace safe. If you’re holding onto resentment towards another person, try a self-designed ritual that includes one of the elements (earth, fire, water, wind). For example, if you need to forgive your mother, try lighting a candle and saying a prayer such as, “Dear Life/Spirit, may my heart release resentment towards my mother. Amen.” Then blow out the candle.

Bonus: You can also heal through music, this I do myself.

Currently listening to: Luke James: To Feel Love/d

Hope this helps someone!



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