I’m a healer, I’ll own my identity.

I could go on a whole rant about healing. This shit is not a joke and people are entitled to change. If you on that old wave, fuck off. It’s a choice. To be happy is a choice. To heal is a choice. To grow is a choice. It is uncomfortable however we are entitled. I’ve literally had people come at my neck because I changed and created tools to help people. I haven’t been the greatest person, I am a better person now but I have been toxic, I have been problematic, shit I’ve been a damn heathen. I’ve been homeless, I’ve been kicked out of every family members house, I’ve lived out of my car, I’ve had no money, I’ve been broke, I’ve been depressed, I’ve been isolated. But one thing I knew I needed was help. I needed help so I created the shit to promote wellness. I want to change and in order to do that I am open and transparent enough to own my identity and that is a healer. I’ve had multiple people come to me and tell me how my books, journals and planners have helped them and their life. I’ve had women from all over the city buy and support me. Every time I do a workshop I’ve had groups of people attend. People I don’t even know. For years I felt like I wasn’t good enough because the vast majority didn’t fuck with what I was doing. But I realized that what I do and have been doing is different. The lane is somewhat nonexistent for many like me. My biggest issue now is being able to keep up my creations because I am an introvert with extroverted qualities lol. I also have empath qualities and at times I need to recharge.

and that’s hard enough to explain in itself. However, I have cultivated my own self into this being that I sometimes have no idea what the hell I’m doing. I did this with no backing no savings account no help nothing but just ideas, feelings, and emotion. So I’m writing this for the person who may feel like they don’t know where to start. Start anyway do it upset, do it broke, do it depressed, just do it we are on borrowed time. This time is for us to create things that our kids can have and touch. I don’t care if people think you’re crazy for being positive. You deserve it. Own your identity.

Love you


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