My love, A Manifestation.

My love is a manifestation for all of the times I cried and didn’t ask my body for forgiveness. The cracks on my lips at the end of the day bleed for my low self esteem that I try to bury in my hair. Love is always there. From a faucet to a chair. I’m beginning there. You can’t win monopoly without going past go but I’m still holding myself accountable. I’m crying the tears I should’ve cried before. I’m layering the scarf and uncovering my eyes once more. I’m hurt to the core and shattered for ascension. I am not who I once was and I need to sit down and listen. Listen to my thoughts. Baby my heart. Be my only company after dark. Rub my own thighs. Know when to leave and be excellent at saying good bye because my...

My love is a manifestation for all of the times they never apologized and I to shove forgiveness down my throat like a fresh batch of McDonald’s fries. This isn’t for the girls that “gotta be beautiful at all times” this is for the girls that are overlooked and compromised, the overqualified but can’t see the angels in her eyes. This is for me, this is for us, this is for eye.

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